Tell me your story

‘Everyone has a story to tell’ goes the old cliché. But it’s true, isn’t it? Often times, great journalism manifests itself in investigative pieces such as a well-hidden presidential secret, or a story about a big firm that has been polluting the rivers of a local village while portraying a clean public image. But no matter what the story is, journalism is ultimately about people. You, me, our families, friends, neighbours and fellow citizens. It’s about how we organize and behave as communities – small and large.

If you have a story that you think needs to be told, I would love to hear it. I can’t guarantee I will write about it but I will listen to you, and if I can’t pursue it, I will let you know my reason.

I’m passionate about many topics including municipal politics, economics, social justice, environmental sustainability and labour rights. But I am willing to cover most issues related to serving the public interest.

Reach me at zaid.noorsumar (@) or @nutellafanatik on Twitter